Winter 2015-16 Rural Progress Report

October 31, 2016 Report

This summer the SKCCG tabulated the responses from it second survey with the assistance of Dr. Garkovich and students from the University of Kentucky. The overall result of the second survey is a conformation of the first survey. The majority of residents want to keep the southern half of the county rural and see agricultural resources serve as a foundation for additional economic development. To view the entire study visit the Kenton County Website select the community tab at the top and select South Kenton County Citizens Group.

After the results of the second survey were revealed, the SKCCG steering committee met to discuss how to move forward with the information they received. They reconfigured some of the committees; a group was split off of the Agricultural Heritage committee called the AgEco growth committee. This group will concentrate on working with farmers to have a stronger voice in economic decisions and improve the connections between growers and consumers. The services and roads committees were combined into one committee and will focus on issues as they arise.

The zoning committee started meeting regarding the findings of the second survey. The second survey showed a strong desire to increase the minimum lot size from the current one acre. The residents that responded to the survey also strongly agreed that buildings should be designed to be compatible with the rural community and they should be limited to 5,000 square feet in size. With this information in hand the committee made changes to the Rural Commercial (RC) Zone by adding and subtracting permitted uses in the zone, changing some area and height regulations, adding to other development controls and adding a new building design regulations section to the ordinance. They are scheduled to present their changes to the County Council on November 9, 2016. At this meeting they will ask the council to apply for a Zoning Ordinance text amendment from the Kenton County Planning Commission (KCPC). The zoning committee met with Judge Knochelmann on November 26 to get his views of the changes.

The AgEco growth committee met for the first time on November 27, 2016 inviting anyone interested to attend. The meeting featured John Stanton of Kenton County government presenting the big picture of economic development in Kenton County. He emphasized that the typical expansion of the last 40 years is no longer viable today and that the county needs to change with the times and attract businesses in the technology, light industry, and health care/services industries. In addition new Ag models for farming behind the local Farm to Consumer movement are emerging, and Mr. Stanton is working across 25 funding entities to create and fill two new Regional Ag economic positions. These positions would promote agricultural economic development and assist farmers across eight counties in an effort to develop a more robust agricultural economic presence in Northern Kentucky. Next meetings for the committee are being planned for early December 2016 and late January 2017.

The Southern Kenton County Citizens group is very active in pursuing issues that are relevant and important to the residents of South Kenton County. They appreciate your support and invite anyone interested to attend any of the meetings.