Winter 2015-16 Rural Progress Report

February 2, 2016 Report

The second survey is in the process of being mailed at this moment. Several members of the South Kenton County Citizens Group came together on Friday, January 29th, and labeled envelopes, folded surveys, and stuffed and sealed envelopes for mailing. Some of the group returned on Monday to finish the work. The finished mailing was delivered to Data Mark to process for bulk mailing. Residents should receive their survey by Friday or Saturday, February 8th/9th. Each survey mailing includes an addressed stamped envelope to make it as easy as possible for respondents to return their completed survey.

This survey asks specific questions regarding actions the South Kenton County Citizens Group should take in regard to zoning, roadways and services, and agriculture. The survey will provide the bases for the group’s ongoing work. The South Kenton County Citizens Group will target its attempts to adapt county rules and regulations, based on the survey’s results. The first survey found that the majority of South Kenton County residents want the area to remain rural in character and to continue to support agriculture. The new survey is designed to give the South Kenton County Citizens Group public input as to the means for implementing the original survey’s call for maintaining the rural character of South Kenton County. We hope to have the results by early April. I will provide an overview of the results when they are ready.