Kenton County Plan4Health Coalition

Fall 2015 Update
Summer 2015 Update


The newly formed Kenton County Plan4Health Coalition has received a $135,000 grant from the American Planning Association through its Plan4Health program to combat lack of access to nutritious foods. This is the first time that APA, via its partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has offered grants to promote healthy living.

The Kenton County Plan4Health Coalition (KCP4H) will increase access to nutritious food across the county. Efforts include a county-wide assessment of underserved neighborhoods in addition to a series of actions addressing affordability of and access to healthy food.

The Kenton County Plan4Health Coalition partners include:

“I’m really pleased that our proposal was selected for funding; I understand the competition was fierce,” said Dennis Gordon, executive director of Planning and Development Services of Kenton County. “The basis for the project proposal came from the aggressive public engagement we pursued for Direction 2030, Kenton County’s new comprehensive plan. Residents told us that health should be an important factor in future land use planning. These funds will help our partnership take positive steps toward implementing that goal.”

The Northern Kentucky Health Department has added its expertise to the partnership and noted that providing healthy food access and choices for our community are important steps in solving the obesity epidemic in our region. According to the 2013 Greater Cincinnati Community Health Status Survey, it was reported that only 17% of the residents in Kenton County and Covington meet the daily nutritional requirement of fruits and vegetables.

Once underserved neighborhoods are identified, the program will focus on increasing healthy food options at local corner and convenience stores. Stores may apply for grants to assist with equipment needs, technical assistance and innovative marketing of healthy food options. The coalition will also explore the creation of a county-wide Food Policy Council and county-wide efforts will be focused on promoting the importance of eating healthy foods through educational campaigns by coalition partners.

The program is currently getting underway and will provides updates on this page in the near future.  Check back often for the latest on the Kenton County Plan4Health Coalition.  In the meantime, for more program information contact Mike Ionna at (859) 331-8980. In accordance with the American Disabilities Act, if anyone has a disability and requires assistance or, in accordance with the Limited English Proficiency Executive Order, requires translation services, please call Florence Parker at 513-619-7686 or 800-750-0750 (Ohio Relay Service).