Sub Area Overview

Sub Area planning is a new way of thinking about how Kenton County’s historical physical development affects the area’s future.  The concept was first introduced in the Direction 2030 plan and recognizes four distinct development patterns—rural, suburban, first-ring suburban, and urban.  Each sub area has unique needs because of a variety of factors, some of which include geography, social differences, government structure, and the local economy.  The sub area concept is described in greater detail in the Direction 2030 plan’s Goals & Objectives and Sub Area sections.

This site provides ongoing information about implementation efforts within the four sub areas.  Currently work is progressing on the Urban and Rural sub area implementation projects. Their respective pages outline work that has been done to date and provide information on each project’s next steps.  You can also learn more about how you can be a part of planning for the future of your sub area.  Click on one of the images below to learn more.

Rural Sub Area Implementation Suburban Sub Area ImplementationFirst-Ring Sub Area Implementation Urban Sub Area ImplementationFirst-Ring Suburban and Suburban implementation projects are scheduled to commence later in 2015.  Please check back often to learn the latest about this exciting part of Direction 2030 and find out how you can be involved with moving the plan forward.