Direction 2030 Land Use Updates

Direction 2030 ushered in a new age for comprehensive planning with its adoption in September 2014.  The all-digital web based plan allows for the publication of one document in an online format, rather than having numerous printed copies circulating around the community. This web based approach is not only easy to use, it also allows for easier updating as officially approved by the Kenton County Planning Commission (KCPC). As such, updates should be periodically made to the plan elements as required by state law (KRS 100.197).

Staff is currently beginning to work with each of the jurisdictions in Kenton County to update the plan’s Land Use element. This element is an integral component of the comprehensive plan, consisting of the recommended land use map and associated text. The Land Use element identifies policies, recommendations, and defining text to guide the future of Kenton County.

Updates to the Land Use Element are expected to take several months and will include the Recommended Land Use map, the land use element’s text, and defining mixed-use zones. The Recommended Land Use map designates areas of land to reflect the physical landscape a community wishes to see in the area. These designations represent the long-term vision of the community.

When initial discussions began for Direction 2030, ‘mixed-use’ was a broad term used to describe certain land use designations. Current conversations with jurisdictions look to define what the term means in their community; whether that be mixed-use commercial, mixed-use residential, or a different form.

The goal of the updates is to refine and better reflect the community’s long-term goals and vision. Over the 2017-2018 calendar years, jurisdictions will have the opportunity to work with staff regarding their visions for their respective communities. The public will have the opportunity to give feedback on the recommended updates at open houses and at public hearings. Ultimately, the recommended updates will be presented to KCPC for their consideration.

The process is currently getting underway and we will provide updates on this page soon. Check back often for the latest on the Land Use Element Updates. For more information contact James Fausz at (859) 331-8980.