KY 536 Scoping Study (OKI)

536logoIn the summer of 2014, the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments and PDS worked to craft the Kenton County Transportation Plan.  This plan examined transportation and land uses to form a comprehensive multi-modal list of recommendations and was formally adopted in June 2014.  The plan also serves as the basis of the Direction 2030 Mobility Element and set the stage for overall county-level transportation recommendations.  One of the High Priority Recommendations of the plan was to study the KY 536 corridor from Madison Pike in Independence to the Licking River in greater detail.  Direction 2030 also recognizes the importance of strengtening Northern Kentucky’s opportunities for east/west connectivity, as specifically reflected in the plan’s Concept Map and Mobility sections.

OKI quickly began work on the KY 536 Scoping Study soon after adoption of the Kenton County Transportation Plan.  Research was commenced in the fall of 2014 to examine existing conditions of the corridor in greater detail.  Currently the project team is working to develop alternatives before conducting continuing public outreach on the findings.


The study is being conducted by OKI and is anticipated to conclude in late 2015.  For more information on the project please refer to the scoping study’s website and check back frequently for the latest updates.